artist statement

When something feels good, when something seems attractive, and when something changes human and social behavior, it immediately becomes the target of my observations.
But since I can only explain very few of my observations logically, I have to pursue them differently. So I try to recognize, to pick up, to reproduce or to distort the phenomena connected with them. In the process, real objects or my own drawings are transformed into a digital form, and ideas in the digital influence my understanding of the physical world.
This reciprocal transformation, reverses the boundaries of the expected and the expected, of desire and rejection, of desire and reality, individual and society.
A parallel world emerges in which something familiar is suddenly completely different, a context long believed to be developed must be questioned again. I understand my work as an invitation into this world of 3D scans, videos, animations, collages, drawings and participatory actions; in which I form a sense of social contexts and the dynamics of our environment.

Ramona Kortyka
*1991 Aachen

since 2015 Fine Arts Studies, Muthesius Kunsthochschule
2023 »The Garden«, Galeria virreina, Bogota, Kolumbien, cooperative work with Johanna Blank (E) 2023 »Sundays«, organised and curated w/ Max Flachsenberg, Dorotthee Brübach, Anders Prey und David Wassermann, Fabrikstarße 12, Kiel (G) 2022 »What Can Artists Do Now?«, Galerie Thomann, Wien (mcww) 2022 »Gelbisch«, w/Eva Haupt, Galerie Anna KlinkhammerGalerie Anna Klinkhammer, Düsseldorf (E)
2022 »Single Club«, Atelier Umraum Galerie, Alte Muthesius, Kiel (G)
2021 »Turn Of The Tide«, Futur3 Festival, Kiel (mcww)
2021 »Female Invasion«, Atelier Umraum Galerie, Alte Muthesius, Kiel (G)
2021 »Abgefuckt liebt dich«, Atelier Umraum Galerie, Alte Muthesius, Kiel (G)
2021 »Einhundert Geburtstagskerzen auf einer Buttercremetorte«,
Ausstellungsraum Obebilker Allee 57, Düsseldorf (mcww)
2020 »Fellows«, botanischer Garten, Kiel (E)
2020 »Escaleras Futuras» , Galerie Santa Fe, Bogota (mcww)
2020 »collection«, Kunsthalle, Kiel (mcww)
2020 »Rausch und andere Sitten«, Brunswiker Pavillion Kiel (G)
2020 »Moderne Melancholie«, flämische Straße, Kiel (G)
2019 »I didn‘t know it‘s that easy«, PrimaKunst e.V. Container @Stadtgalerie Kiel (mcww)
2019 »Survival Art Festival«, Wrocław (Polen) (G)


2021 »memeclassworldwide: documentation, research, index«,
w/Bernhard Garnicnig, Jennifer Scherler, Gestaltet von NoTalent Studio (mcww)
2020 »DrLonely«, Young Urban Performance Festival, online,
during the online festival »Connecting The Isolated«

2018-2020 »GelatoMittwoch« /w Esteban Perez, Muthesius Kunsthochschule

2017, 2018 »EWA Award« /w Esteban Perez & Thies Warnke,
during Futur3 Festivals, Kiel

Seminare & Workshops (mcww)
2021 »good ideas always appeal to people when they resonate with their hidden needs«
FHNW Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Institut Lehrberufe für Gestaltung und Kunst,Basel

2020 »memeclassworldwide x carte blanche: break it until you make it. then spark a little joy!«
FHNW Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Institut Kunst; Forum 2, Basel

2019 & 2020 »memeclassworldwide x new media art workshop«
Universität für Kunst und Design, Institut für Kunst und Bildung, Linz

2019 — 2020 »YouTube Seminar«, »computing and programming lounge«, »put on your tinfoil hat«,
»Love and Riots«, »sorry for the inconvenience« Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel

(E)Einezlausstellung, (G)Gruppenausstellung, (mcww) /w memeclassworldwide

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